The Heart Biobank at St. Paul's Hospital


Cardiovascular Disease is a Leading Cause of Death

Millions of people worldwide are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and heart disease continues to be the world’s leading cause of death, in both developed and developing countries1,2. In Canada, cardiovascular disease accounts for more than one in four deaths3,4.

As countries across the globe continue to experience increases in obesity and diabetes, millions more will be at risk of developing heart disease and stroke,making research to improve our understanding of these conditions, and how to better treat them, increasingly important. Studies have already taught us a lot about the causes of heart disease and ways to help prevent it, but there is much more we still need to learn as we work together towards helping Canadians and people worldwide live healthy lives free of cardiovascular disease.


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The Biobank Helps Accelerate Research

The Cardiovascular Tissue Registry at the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation was established over 30 years ago to provide a unique resource for heart disease researchers worldwide. It houses over 20,000 heart and blood vessel specimens, each of which has been well preserved and is annotated with clinical and demographic information. This repository of biological specimens can be accessed by any researcher with an interest in learning more about cardiovascular disease development, progression, or treatment.

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All images courtesy of the Cardiovascular Tissue Registry and the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation "Powers of 10". Electron Microscopy images courtesy of Dr. David Walker.