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Preserving a Valuable Research Resource

The Cardiovascular Tissue Registry at the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation is a not-for-profit resource that benefits heart researchers worldwide. The funding it receives supports ongoing tissue accrual, maintenance of existing specimens, and patient outreach.

All our specimens are stored in specially equipped laboratory space equipped with ultra-low temperature freezers to help preserve this unique resource for all researchers. Although our biobank has supported hundreds of researchers in their efforts to reduce the burden of heart disease, maintaining our samples costs over $100,000 per year, an expense that is not fully covered by grant funding.

Your contributions make a huge difference in preserving this precious resource for future generations of doctors and scientists.


Care to Share?

One visitor to the Registry was telling his six year old daughter about the experience of actually seeing and holding real human hearts. She asked, "Did you look inside?" The visitor replied that he had, to which the daughter asked, in a whisper, "Could you see the love?"

Love and compassion drive everything we do at St. Paul's. Has St. Paul's Hospital, the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation, or the Cardiovascular Tissue Registry made a difference to you or a loved one? If yes, please share your story.


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Any donation you can make to support operation and maintenance of our biobank is greatly appreciated. Your contribution will go a long way to helping sustain this valuable resource. You can help by donating through the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation.

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