About Us

A Unique Tool to Help Researchers

The Cardiovascular Tissue Registry encompasses a unique repository of human cardiovascular specimens linked to clinical, pathological, photographic, radiologic, and molecular data. The ability to access specimens collected by standard protocol, as well as their associated clinical and scientific data, greatly enhances the scientific value of these samples and can allow research studies to be completed more rapidly and efficiently.

Our biobank serves as a critical link between the clinical, surgical and pathology teams and allows researchers to access annotated human biological specimens to help speed research progress. The Cardiovascular Tissue Registry is staffed by a dedicated team of researchers who are on-call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to perform fresh tissue banking.


All images courtesy of the Cardiovascular Tissue Registry and the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation "Powers of 10". Electron Microscopy images courtesy of Dr. David Walker.